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Brand Story

My socks brand owned Nantong Xinxi Knitting Co., Ltd., located in the famous "North Shanghai" in Jiangsu city of Nantong Province, is the window and the scale of township enterprise socks. "I know where you have been staring at me, I will work hard!" Chairman Xu Hongxing often told employees in a word. Nantong Xinxi Knitting Co. Ltd. based in Nantong Fuerda knitting company dissolution of the original domestic well-known international major suit sports socks goods production units, by the end of 2013 registered! The company specializes in socks goods production, the main process is: network down, weaving, sewing head, stocking turning, shaping, inspection, packaging, finished products, factory, each process is complete, products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions, is a professional supplier of socks.

Nantong Xinxi knitting Limited company predecessor: the original Nantong Fuerda knitting company, ten years specializing in international major suit PUMA \ADIDAS \ REEBOOK \DECATHLON Puma Adidas Reebok decathlon \HANES Hans (Heng Shi) processing and production of sports socks and other foreign trade major suit, in the international and domestic established reputation and excellent reputation, by foreign customers WRAP third party certification, is one of the few major suit production certification of domestic production of foreign trade enterprises.

Once the success proved our predecessor’s brilliant, the new company Nantong Xinxi knitting Limited company employees are still as skilled workers to the original Nantong Fuerda knitting company, technical, professional, quality, management as a professional achievement, accumulation of power, promote the development of. The company has always been adhering to the development of a fair salary system, on the promotion of corporate culture, and strive to the best quality, most competitive acquisition!