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How to buy bamboo fiber socks
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Many brands of socks are marked with bamboo fiber signs, the concept of fresh, prices vary. Bamboo fiber has permeability, antistatic, environmental protection and other features, as a garment fabric, fabric is quite broad, clear, bright, bold and noble style; as knitted fabric, moisture permeability, smooth drape, anti ultraviolet; as a bed, cool and comfortable, antibacterial antibacterial, health care; as socks and towels, antibacterial deodorant and tasteless. Although the price is slightly higher than other fabrics, but its performance is incomparable to other fabrics. So how should consumers distinguish bamboo fiber socks?
Look color
Good quality of bamboo fiber socks appearance of bright color and high color fastness, not because washing sun and other factors and easy decolour, is color dull or obvious color difference, or is very easy to bleaching.
Two smell the smell
Quality bamboo fiber socks scent and slightly fresh flavor of bamboo, the difference will have the taste of chemical medicine.
Three identify feel
High content of bamboo fiber products, will feel very smooth, otherwise it will feel rough astringent, also pilling.
Four see the ashes
There was no black smoke when the thread was burning, and only a little white ash, while the burning of the thread of the thread was smoky..
Five see shrink
The quality of the bamboo fiber socks after washing will shrink dramatically, the appearance of deformation, size reduction.
Six look at work
Bamboo fiber socks are poor workmanship is not fine, there are many obvious seams, jumper disconnection phenomenon.
Consumers in the purchase of bamboo fiber socks, grasp two principles: one is selected materials, such as bamboo / cotton, bamboo / Mo blended, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses; the second is selected manufacturers, enjoy a normal process; the third is to choose well-known brand products.
Nantong Xinxi Knitting Co. Ltd., specializing in the production and sales of bamboo fiber socks, welcome new and old customers to visit purchase. Contact phone: 86-0513-86325076


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