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How to choose sports socks
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When in motion, on the one hand and foot will suffer more force than usual, so you need to have good shoes and socks to protect; on the other hand, foot will be more sweat, also need good socks sweat and sweat, to maintain the safety and comfort of the foot.

So the choice of sports socks good, the key is to see it on foot to keep absorbing sweatand sweat function. From the fitness, running, playing several sports experience,specifically, the following points can refer to:

1, material: cotton and mixed with other materials to the best.

Because the chemical fiber, while the sweat, but sweat, but also prone to smell. Althoughenvironmental protection cotton, absorbent, but not sweating, wash for a long time is easy to deformation, so now many manufacturers research and development of cotton based,mixed with other materials, sports socks, not only sweat sweat, no bad smell.

2, style: in socks (thick) is most suitable for general motion.

Because of the length of socks is appropriate, to protect the movement of the ankle joint.Too long not breathable, too short and there is no protection. And sports socks at the bottom of a certain thickness, can wear clean, non slip, to better protect the foot and heel.

Design of many sports socks very well now, such as the double on my self, the bottom issimilar to towel socks kind of thick, and the back is very breathable mesh.

3, color: white strikingly good-looking.

We see a lot of the race, athletes are more wear white socks, because white is the colorthat is never out of date, but also attracted people's eyes, than the same kind of blackmiddle. In addition the white socks to pay more attention to keep itself health socks.


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