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How new raw material to select Xi knitted socks
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1 cotton

We usually choose to wear cotton socks like texture, however, is whether the 100% cottoncotton? Due to the expert's answer is negative, that is to say, no 100% cotton socks. If a pair of socks components are 100% cotton, then this pair of socks is not elastic, socks to weave was particularly generous to set in, one can imagine this pair of socks is how notcome. 100% cotton socks shrink rate is particularly high, is not strong, not durable. 100% not cotton socks cotton socks, but makes the cotton. Usually, socks cotton contained in 75% or above can be known as the "socks", generally cotton content in 85% socks is very high-grade cotton socks. The other is the need to add some functional fiber to keep thesocks elastic, fastness and comfort. Polyester, spandex, nylon are functional fiber is verycommon.

2 spandex

Spandex is usually known as the elastic fiber, with high elasticity and strong scalability, 5-7times its tensile length can reach the fibrils, joined the spandex textile products can always keep the original outline. The ingredients of socks must contain spandex may make thesocks to produce elastic force and retracted, easy to wear, but also make the socks can be more affixed to the foot, like a swimming suit can tightly wrapped in the foot, can not slip.

3 three litres of state health fiber

Three liters of state fiber is made from natural ore, green plants, marine organisms, from healthy elements of its unique, made by the European refining technology, natural fiber has excellent health functions.

4 nylon

Nylon is a synthetic fiber with Chinese characteristics of the name, people more familiar with is another name for it, nylon. Click one's tongue, and with DuPont Co. Nylon name ofpolyamide fiber (Polyamide), China first synthesis of this fiber is the Jinzhou chemical fiber factory, so it is named "nylon". Properties of nylon and nylon almost, strong wear resistance, is a synthetic fibers in the wear resistance, the strong. Very light weight, good elasticity, added in nylon socks can maintain a high level of flexibility.

5 nylon

Nylon is the world's first synthetic fiber appeared. Nylon appear make textiles face take on an altogether new aspect, its synthesis is a major breakthrough in synthetic fiber industry,

6 bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber fabric has the same soft and elegant, comfortable features, and wear resistance, non pilling, moisture absorption, breathable, quick drying. It is different fromcotton, wood, viscose fiber place still depends on it has very good antibacterialperformance and health effects. Bamboo fiber contains a called "antibacterial substancesbamboo Kun", with the medicinal properties of natural antibacterial, anti mite, deodorant.: feel -- soft texture, delicate. Silk stockings: chemical fiber, spandex, nylon, elastic fiber.(pantyhose; stockings; seven minutes of pants - plays abdomen hips effect; nine minutes of pants -- without the sock bottom, don't often clean, suitable for spring and autumn day wearing knee socks; socks. Polyester cotton socks: containing a small amount of chemical fiber, 30%. Antibacterial health socks: role in the physical (non drug) to achieve lasting antibacterial, deodorant, anti ringworm. Socks: invigorate the circulation of blood, foot massage health care. Wuzhi socks: prevent beriberi. All cotton: cotton, absorbent, more comfortable.


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