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How to clean all kinds of socks?
Double-click scrolling  Posted by: sysadmin Published: 2015/3/16 12:21:46 Reads: 472 times

Socks every day and we are also closely related, many people don't pay attention to theclean socks socks, in fact the cleaning is very important, if do not wash clean or wash rightwill not only harmful to the body, but also affect the service life of the socks, Nantong XinxiKnitting Co., summarizes a series of socks washing method to us.

1, common cotton socks, soak in water for 2 hour, and then rub soap knead wash with hot water;

2, stockings, nylon socks, washing should be below 40 degrees of soap water and rub gently, avoid by all means is violently rubbing;

3, wool socks washed, first with neutral soap alkali less into soap flakes, into hot water to dissolve, water cooling, and then the socks into, dip, and then gently scrub.

4, bamboo fiber socks: bamboo fiber internal special ultrafine microporous structure makesit has strong adsorption capacity, adsorption of formaldehyde in the air, benzene, toluene,ammonia and other harmful substances, and eliminate bad smell. Self-cleaning and self-cleaning function: removal of sugar fat high-tech technology, wash oil see water separation and washing without washing supplies, came after airing on it.

5, beriberi socks how cleaning: do not wash with detergent, washing should be precededwith vinegar, vinegar has the function of disinfection to smell. In addition, just bought sockswith vinegar soak it, will be more durable.

6, white socks how clean: tell you a trick, normal wash socks, put toilet paper to wrap thewet socks, put them in the sun, socks to dry, toilet paper and turn yellow, (Note: must use the wet toilet paper, must make full contact with the toilet paper of socks remember, don'tput the socks, crumpled wrap, so useless)

7, socks can be dry cleaned?

Some cashmere wool socks or must be dry cleaned, but a small amount of disposable notdry, usually to accumulate together to wash, but this is not the reality, general wool socksis a quick hand washing and then drying can.


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