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Wear socks to bed
Double-click scrolling  Posted by: sysadmin Published: 2015/3/8 20:47:53 Reads: 472 times

There are a lot of people are prone to cold hands and feet, especially in the winter time,always feel to sleep when the cold feet, will think of wear socks to bed to keep warm, then it would be so nice, but there are also a lot of people think sleep is not good to wear socks,the body will feel very uncomfortable, the other is not conducive to the blood circulationtherefore, suggest that you do not wear socks to bed, then the two which view is correct.

In fact, sleep wear socks is good, but there are also disadvantages, wear socks to bedreally can play the role of warm, however if the foot is relatively easy to cool friendssuggest that you look at the body conditioning, especially in the diet more conditioning click, and then go to bed every night before it is best to use hot water bubble feet, while the feet warm Jin hastened into the bed will be much better, need not wear socks to bed,here we give a simple introduction about the relevant content to wear socks to bed.

In general, sleep wear socks is not conducive to the blood circulation and skin The new supersedes the old., wear socks to bed causes the foot "breathing" suffocate suffocate, in addition, socks too much will easily cause beriberi. Feet together systemic main and collateral channels, so people often say "cold feet, cold body". Their feet with hot waterbefore going to bed, is many people used to sleep promoting practices.

Not good. One is not conducive to the blood circulation and skin The new supersedes the old.; two to let his feet through a day of gas, it is like bed clothes sleep better, the same reason. If the foot is cold, hot water bag or before going to sleep and then hot water foot.

In winter, many women's feet are cold, making it difficult to sleep, if the hot water to soak the foot does not work, can consider to wear socks to bed, but remember to dress a little loose.

Wear socks to bed is good in the end, it needs as the case may be, if it is the conditionsneed to wear socks to bed then, that it is natural to wear, if not what the situation is stillsuggest that you try not to wear socks to bed, so that the body relax enough to have a good sleep.


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