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Elderly people wear socks
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Ordinary socks, generally with elastic, happen that older people wear socks often have"Le" ankle, the specific performance is on the foot left a mark, plinth will not onlyuncomfortable, but also likely to influence the foot loop, adverse to health. Non elastic stockings no reason is because the use of non elastic process and material, and joined the patent design does not decline. General socks socks are adopting elastic materials,but such a result, comfort will be reduced, so that many will have the feeling of "Le". While the non elastic stockings in the process completely abandon the traditional method, the sock mouth never use elastic material and technology, the sock is used without the boneprocess, traceless pressure design, hand sewing head, multipoint structure design, so noplinth.

1 health non elastic stockings, non elastic stockings is mainly suitable for the elderly.

2 warm socks, summer winter socks stockings, belong to.

3 functional socks, socks for stovepipe.

4 deodorant socks, except beriberi and odor socks.


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