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Men's sports socks
 +Product Description +

The bottom thickening high cylinder motion cotton socks for men 002

Product Name: bottom Terry thickened high cylinder motion cotton plain men socks

Material: 32S +4075# cotton spandex + other

Size: 25-27 (for 38-43 codes in)

Color pattern: as shown: the sock body, main color

The 1 white

2 Gray

3 Zhangs green

Weaving style: semi loop

Weave: characteristics

1 thickness is moderate, soft wearing,

2 high with rubber mouth movement of warm and windproof antiskid design

3 3*1 loose thread design in bound tight feeling

Vivid stripe mosaic, the ankle foot rubber affixed to the detailed design, which demonstrated the dynamic, quality, exquisite, life!!

Easily visible


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