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Antibacterial deodorant socks
 +Product Description +

Antibacterial deodorant socks socks 001 Department

Men need to care

Life need color,

Love needs love,

Turn left and right,

In fact, everything is dominated by you!

In order to live,

Running around,

Shouldering the family burden of responsibility of men,

Is busy and tired,

Their day of toil,

It will be very eager to return to a warm harbor house,

Get a warm smile and gentle wife,

A "husband, you came back, tired" sweet greetings

There is a orange warm light for its waiting...

In fact, his heart will be very fragile man,

Love and tenderness he really will be eager to women...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,

Working men go rushing down a day,

They will feel tired feet...

After work,

They always threw off his heavy shoes,

Let steaming powder smell feet

A breath of fresh air!

Make the room a smell good...

Often at this time,

A hard day's men,

Complain about most of the children will get a wife...

Men think: true his mama, we men live!

In fact, careful wife,

We really don't to blame for the home drudging man,

They really tired,

We can buy antibacterial deodorant speed dry cotton socks for men to her husband

Let the husband's feet to get your love,

Let the home less emit unpleasant odor!

In spite of all this is so insignificant

But my husband really from the bottom of my heart to experience the real loveyou wife

In fact, good man,

They really will try to provoke the burden of family life,

In order to his wife, for the children...

Toiling around not say tired,

Give a man a good woman should love our,

This is actually we do a wife's duty,

Although really insignificant,

But the absolute sincerity!

Good woman, give the man a little love!

Let them run the labor interest foot free breath!!

The men really need your love,

Although really insignificant,

But the absolute sincerity!

They will appreciate your wisdom woman love,

Give you one's whole life love and return the unlimited!

Socks details:

1 Name: foreign trade brand antibacterial deodorant speed dry socks

2 ingredients: DRYPLUS antibacterial speed dry raw materials + other

3 size: 25-27 cm for men, 38-43 code

4 features: the end of Terry soft, instep mesh design more breathable

5 packing: 3 double / letter of the same color (color: white, gray, black).

Black white grey color pop timeless classic

Classic men you deserve...

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