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Sports socks
 +Product Description +

Tall thick bottom line sports cotton socks for men 001
Name: Tall thick bottom terry cotton sports socks for men
Texture: 32S cotton spandex + Other +3075 #
Size: 25-27 (38-43 yards for wearing)

Color pattern: As shown: Main body color socks

1. Black + Grey and wire
2. Joe Green + Grey and wire
3. White + Gray and wire

Weaving Style: half terry weave: Features
1. The thickness is moderate, wearing a soft,
2. The high-design movement with non-slip rubber mouth warm wind
3.3 * a loose thread design wearing tight feeling unbound

The crowd: men, students
Wearing occasions: casual sports
Suitable season: those who love sports: sports (seasons), non-sports people; warm (winter appropriate)

Vivid stripe mosaic design,
All demonstrate the dynamic, quality, exquisite life! !
Good quality, good life
Good cotton, comfortable, absorbent, breathable, cool unusual feet,
Through the people, all know!
Casual visible

This fall and winter you have my patrol
I'll never let you feel the cold ...


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